Bottom toolbar bug in new version

Description of the issue:
Starting Brave from New Private tab produces corrupted bottom toolbar

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. From a fresh start, i.e. close all Brave private tabs, force stop Brave app, dismiss it from Android’s recent apps list…
  2. Long-press Brave app icon, tap New Private tab.

(Bottom toolbar needs to be enabled in settings, of course.)

Expected result:
Bottom toolbar works as usual

Brave Version:

Mobile Device details
Android 10

Additional Information:
Since this is Private tab, screenshotting is disabled. (There should be an option in settings to enable this, at least with a timeout. It’s useful functionality!)

On the topic of bottom toolbar… Sometimes it covers controls/buttons that a website presents, e.g. cookie warnings. Perhaps this is something Brave devs could fix too while they’re at it. The browser, with the bottom toolbar enabled, must be giving the wrong impression to websites (maybe to JavaScript) as to where the “bottom” is.

There recently seems to have been some action/prioritisation on the trivial "x buttons not working bug" after months of no progress, but it’s still there; and the “Simplified view bug” is also still there months – and many versions – later… :frowning: What’s up with that? Does anyone care who should? It’s not like these are “complete redesign” issues…

The often-requested bookmark export feature is implemented in Bromite browser, which is also an open-source Chromium-based browser… So how hard can it be to just copypasta the relevant code and implement this in Brave too?! User satisfaction not really a priority on Brave project?


Thank you for reaching out.
On the bottom toolbar issue – yes I see it and can reproduce it. I’ve opened an issue for review:

As for the other issues:

  1. This issue seems to have, as of five days ago, been assigned to a dev and has P2 priority (meaning it’s important and needs to be resolved with relative haste).
  2. I’ve brought this up again with Android team – I can still reproduce the issue but what I can’t do is reproduce it for any other site. Do you have any other examples or is it just the one?

This is simply not how it works. Real software does not simply run a single function that one can copy/paste “features” in and out of the way you do in basic programming classes. Brave (and other browsers) is a sophisticated program that has millions of lines of code and many moving parts – implementing any feature requires planning, approval, design considerations, UI/UX considerations, compatibility with OS/device, and a host of other issues that likely have never crossed your mind.

We have an open issue to add this feature, as I agree it should be there. It will, however, never be as simple as “copying some example code and pasting it into ours”. If you feel otherwise, we are open source and you are more than welcome to download Brave source code from our Github, make the necessary changes, and submit a pull-request :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks. Also, if you have Light theme enabled in settings > Appearance, the corrupted toolbar will be in light theme, whereas normally, private tabs are dark-themed (including bottom toolbar) regardless of theme setting (by design, probably). This might be immaterial, as it might get picked up by devs working on this anyway, but I thought I’d mention it – I guess you have dark theme enabled. :slight_smile:

That was the easiest to reproduce that I know, but try this:

  1. set Settings > Accessibility > Simplified view for webpages = disabled

  2. close all Private tabs (if you have any)

  3. open new Private tab
    (this has the same effect as clearing site data for this purpose)

  4. make sure: menu > Desktop site = disabled

  5. visit
    (it’ll redirect to mobile version)

  6. Scroll to bottom, tap “Desktop” hyperlink

  7. In the first paragraph of the article, tap “market failure” hyperlink

  8. You should see the “Show simplified view” bar when the “market failure” page loads (if not, try going through to a couple more articles). The bar isn’t supposed to be presented to the user since you disabled it in step 1 above. Therefore, it’s a bug. :slight_smile: Now if you tap Back, the bar will appear on previous article also.

(Probably immaterial, but bottom toolbar is enabled.)

Can you reproduce on Wikipedia?

Soon, bro, soon. You’ll rue the day. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and filed an official issue regarding the Simplified view appearing:

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Nice write-up, @Mattches ! :+1:

So, it’s been labelled “waiting upstream”; how do they – team Chromium – find out about it?

(From the toolbar bug: seems I was wrong about your running dark theme. :slight_smile: Still weird that different buttons render differently, and not all either visible or invisible. 'Guess they’ll sort it out…)


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Hi. So the “simplified view bug” has been assigned the label “Chromium/waiting upstream” on GitHub. What happens now? How does this play out? How do they find out about it? Thanks.

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