No settings for button position

Buttons have bizarrely moved to the opposite side of the screen to the url bar with no way to put them back to their conventional position.

This must be a bug as what software firm would have the disdain for their users to force something like this on them?

I’m not sure, but likely the same kind of individuals that would simply lock any conversation discussing such a dastardly behavior in a negative light. After all, if they’re going to force bad decisions on others, they can’t allow discourse or good ideas might prevail. I can’t think of a single group of developers that would do that though. I mean Brave seems like a good bunch. They would definitely get back to the community when there was backlash to mollify them and let their users know what/if/when a fix for a bad decision was coming. Communication is key, after all.

Feedback heard. Team is working on a fix for it.

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Legit, all I wanted. Thank you!

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