Home button up top (Android)

Currently, Brave (Android) only displays a home button when “bottom toolbar” is activated. I use the home button, but I hate the bottom toolbar. Can you please make it so there’s a home button with the top toolbar?

Go to settings–> Appereance–> Enable Bottom Bar (off)–> Restart–> Look at…

Look at what?

look how it looks :smiley:

Yeah I did that there’s no home button that’s why I’m here

Exactly… just like in Chrome…

Why are you responding if you’re not going to help? Chrome has one right here.

@RedPlammer /looks like there’s an open request logged for this here

I’m guessing that means the devs aren’t particularly interested?

Apparently, if the question is not something that can be coded on a desktop or laptop, then rarely will a response be given. I have a question on android, like yourself, and despite questions spefic to mine having already been asked, a desktop user comes in and takes over the question and either answers it or someone answers it with a result that only pertains to a desktop or laptop. Nothing is made functional on these apps because they are made using unix-like or open source developing platforms and anything that is customized, which means non-coding users can use, generally comes from Microsoft. But, developers as well as some users think that they are sophisticated using unix-like or open source products so the regular user of a mobile device is forced to choose from a bunch of poorly made software that lazy people created on their precious little unix-like “foul-up everything systems.” The self-centered nature as well as the desire to feel like they are smarter than what they actually are, generally make these question and answer pages a waste of time to even get on.ttempt to find an answer onego of what are generally "do-nothing-helpful-to-society"As a result, the general non-codding user who the developer earns a living off of walks away with second rate software, such as Brave here, as it lacks important customization tools that a regular user can access to make the software somewhat usable.

That’s a completely different forum? Can I just get some help here?

Link I shared above is where the devs tracking the request @RedPlammer . You can follow the progress there – or I’ll notify you here when the feature is available.

So in short, this feature is not implemented yet but the team already aware of the issue.

Got it.
If I were to choose only one forum for Brave, this one or the GitHub, which would you recommend?

For users, community.brave.com – support forum – is the best place to report an issue, asking a question, or submit a feature request.

Because GitHub is for the devs – bug tracking, working on codes, etc. So it’s best if that place is “clean” from support request.

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