For users concerned with the new Android Design

Update on the new Brave Android UI

First, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to leave us feedback about the new toolbar and design for Brave on Android – both positive and negative. While negative feedback can be hard to read, we still acknowledge and appreciate you taking the time to let us know what is working and what is not.

There were many reasons for the change – one being that implementing a bottom toolbar and/or enabling Chrome’s “Duet” mode functionality rank among the most frequently requested features we receive. Additionally, those of you with larger phones and bigger screens have told us you prefer to have access to this functionality on the bottom of the screen.

However, another reason for shifting the toolbar to the bottom was to ensure there would be enough screen space in the address bar at the top for users to easily access the upcoming Brave Rewards. Our team has been working very hard to bring Brave Rewards to Android so that users can start supporting the content they love on the web – from anywhere!

That said, we have read every review posted and every thread created to better understand your concerns – and we hear you. The next browser update will include an option to switch between the top and bottom toolbar interface. The update is already in the testing process and we hope to make it available next week.

Further Refining

For those who do like the bottom toolbar or who would like to try it out, we’ve made a few additional improvements to it for an even smoother experience:

  • The New Tab button :heavy_plus_sign: will be replaced with the Search button :mag:.Tapping Search will focus the cursor in the address bar and display the keyboard, allowing you to enter search terms or type a URL in one click.
  • The Bookmarks “folder” image was a bit confusing – we’re changing it to a traditional Bookmark button. Tapping it will bookmark the current page.

Comparison of current toolbar (top image) and newly implemented toolbar (bottom image):


We’ve recently added Bookmark Sync for you to easily move bookmark data across your devices . Learn how to get started with Brave Sync here.

Brave Rewards

Find out more about Brave Rewards here and be sure to try out the Rewards beta on Android: Introducing Brave Rewards Beta for Android & a call for testers!

Not interested in the beta? Brave Rewards will soon be available for everyone! Keep an eye out to see the Brave Rewards icon beside the URL bar — right next to Shields. You’ll just be a tap away from tipping your favorite creators on the web!