Why does my roommate earn 5 times as much BAT as I do every month?

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Just something I am trying to understand. My roommate and I both use brave browser exclusively. His stats for March show he viewed 46 ads and is earning almost 15 BAT. My stats show I viewed 39 ads and am only earning 3 BAT. I am not complaining, simply trying to understand how the payouts could be so inconsistent when our usage, region, ad intake, etc… are all so similar?

Any insight someone might provide would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Well I am using it a lot as well but never got more than 1.5 BAT for a month . My guess is that the difference in the computers that you have his might be faster than yours .

Thanks for the reply. That can’t be it however, of our two computers mine is significantly more powerful. I wonder if any explanation exists for the way BAT is allotted monthly or is it all a black box for the user?

exclusively for march? that’s seems imposible to me, specially for 46 ads.
do you and your friend started using brave at the same time?

brave serves you ads based in your browsing habits, if your friend is getting more ads is probably because his browsing habits give him more “coincidences” than yours

Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any (more information on this below). FAQ

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@petebg sorry my friend but that doesn’t make sense, device performance doesn’t have any implication in how much an ad pays


Your friend is probably just searching more, make up reasons to google and check next month haha :joy:

hmmm ok, The reason I thought so is because Brave is using you PC to mine and the comp with better parameters might get more BATs. I am probably wrong.

:thinking: where’s the source for that affirmation?

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Well again I am not sure if its true or false but that’s how I explaine it, why would they give us free BAT. If this is not true and you know why are we getting free BAT please tell me.

It’s 70% of the add revenue that they get from the ads we choose to watch

is not free, advertisers pay brave for showing us their ads and brave pays you to see those ads, with a share of 70% for the users and 30% for brave


OK. It make sense thanks.

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