Earnings amount Flag correlation

Today in sub r/BATProject a moderator talk about risks of linking too many browsers (once 4-limit removed) on a single exchange account due to the consequent higher amount of BAT earnings, and saw (probably) by the system like a fraud attempt. My question is: did anti-fraud measures should check system manipulations other than base flags/bans solely on earnings even when higher than the average (but always legit)?

Hi :smiley: If you are asking how Brave’s anti-fraud system works, they won’t tell you. Users may be able to respond based on their experiences and observations but that is about it. Brave doesn’t comment on anti-fraud measures to prevent giving more information to bad actors trying to game the system.

Hope this helps. If I have totally misunderstood the question, let me know! lol


Yeah, thank you for your fast response. I’m a little concerned about this situation cause I have 5 browser active, all 5 keeping several BATs earned in the past months planning to link when the limits will be removed. At that point my account’s balance will grow up consistently, still totally legit behavior by me.

I guess we will have to wait and see if there are any consequences. I often have two browsers (Release and Beta versions) open and 2 or more profiles at the same time and bounce between them.

I’m not sure if I am going to connect everything. Some of the amounts in Rewards are not significant. I just do a Brave-Browser folder backup routinely just in case my computer or browser crashes. If ever those Rewards get a significant amount in them, then I will connect so that I can upload into custodial account. Probably disconnect again after deposited.

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