How to prevent exploit of BAT payments/grants?

I already posted this on Reddit but they asked me to delete my post. However I think this is a relevant post and something should be done about this issue. Here is my original post:

I know that the vision is for users to reward content which they think useful/entertaining.

As a money hungry pig my first instict however is to just tip my own content and see if I can exploit the system some more: Do one fresh Brave installation after another, create multitudes of wallets and use all of them to pay ME! ME! ME!

-> Then when the prices go up I sell all my BAT for profit.

This is of course not what is meant to be but I am pretty sure that if people are given a chance to reward others vs. themselves they will opt out to just take the money and run.

Are there any mechanisms in place to prevent this or are we doing this experiment in good faith?

Right now I can create a wallet and get 6 $…create like 20 Wallets in an hour and you got yourself some money rolling in.
Soooooooo thoughts?

Nevermind, I already got a reply from the BAT Team:

People who exploit the system like this (create multiple instances the way you described or with VMs, etc. claim grants and donate them all to themselves) get flagged by our anti-fraud filter, and have their accounts suspended. There is an appeal process, but if you do something like the above, it’s unlikely you’ll have a sound explanation!