With Javascript blocking enabled, upon enabling Javascript for a site automatically reload the page

With Blocking Javascript as one of the settings you can enable in Brave Settings I notice that when a site doesn’t load due to Javascript being disabled and I go and enable Javascript, the browser doesn’t reload the tab automatically. Extensions like NoScript reload the tab automatically when you change a site’s script setting. I think that having Brave auto reload the browser tab that you just enabled Javascript for would be really handy instead of having to do it manually each time.


Not sure if blocking javascript is a default option, personally I wouldn’t go that far.

But it is correct, some sites will render badly (or not at all) if javascript or certain javascript files are blocked. If you want more granular javascript blocking, then yeah an extension like Noscript would be better.

But yeah. I am just thinking that if Brave could by default reload the tab when you enable Javascript for a website if it was disabled before, that would be helpful. Just saves a click for having to refresh the tab after enabling Javascript for said tab. That is if users have blocking of javascript enabled.


This is actually the expected behavior – any time you change Shields settings in the Shields panel, the page you are viewing should reload automatically:

Oh. Yeah. When you go via Shields and turn on or off Javascript, the tab does reload automatically. But if “Scripts Blocked” is off for a tab and you press the <> to the left of the Shield button and allow Javascript from that button, the tab does not get automatically reloaded. For me, out of instinct, I go to the <> button to enable or disable javascript in a page. I should probably use the shields button though.

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I would recommend the same while the two coexist at the same time. We have stronger signaling and improved Shields UI (and options) planned for future releases that will help make cases like this more clear.

Sounds good :+1: I can start using Shields more. I do like how the shield menu operates. Thank you!

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