Toggle Shields without page reload?

Brave seems to do a page reload whenever you toggle the Shields on or off. Normally this is fine, but I’d like the option to not reload the page. This is important when visiting a site that checks for adblockers: if I could turn off Shields to pass the adblock check, then turn them on without reloading the page, it could restore the functionality of some sites. Otherwise, the page reloads, checks for adblockers again, and I’ve gotten nowhere.

Reloading basically disables the rules on the website. without a reload disabling Shields won’t take into affect. Looking how uBO adblock, it’ll need a reload if you disable the extension. Sure it’s not a force reload, but won’t take into affect.

To be honest, we’re trying avoid people regularly disabling shields, so making shields work correctly.

Okay, I can accept that. I should point out a couple of things: When I started using Brave two years ago, I would very occasionally need to disable shields. Today “very occasionally” has become “almost never.” Great job, Brave team!
Also, the ability to skirt adblock detectors could be accomplished by making the shield settings more granular, as many users have asked. DON’T DO IT! I don’t want Brave to be a tool just for nerds, I want my granny to be able to use it. I can use FF with uBO when I need to do something like this.
If a site is so committed to ads that they’ll use adblock detectors rather than accept Brave payments (yes I’m talking to you,, that’s their right. And I can simply choose to take my eyeballs elsewhere.

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