Stop page from loading when turn on/off shields

Hi there,

So every time I turn on/off shields, it reloads the page & I lose everything & have to start all over again.

Is there a way to stop that?


Expected behavior I guess. The page need a reload so the change is implemented. Maybe a setting for that?

Yes I know, but I always loose all of my data & have to redo it just to test if Brave is the issue.

This is what is supposed to happen and no, it will not be changed. If you change Shields settings (or any settings directly involved in how a page is displays or functions) the page needs to be refreshed otherwise the new changes won’t take effect – so there would be no point in making the changes if you’re going to continue to operate under the same settings.

I figured, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for the reason you already know.


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How are you so certain it will not be changed? It’s is a terrible design decision that really does need to be rectified to improve usability. There is no reason there shouldn’t at least be an option for it (to not automatically reload the page when the shield is turned off for a website).

I run into this issue all the time. I and I’m sure pretty much everyone who uses Brave wants to keep the shield on in general because it’s a good way to limit trackers, ads, and scripts. And it works smoothly in the background 99% of the time. But every once in a while you come to a site where an important popup or script is blocked. Under normal circumstances (i.e. with Chrome and using an extension for similar purposes such as uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus), you can just turn off the extension for that page, then usually you can continue with the form you were working on, preserving your session and thus your data. You can navigate the website through normal actions that will preserve your sesssion and go back if you have to in order to correct the issue on the previous page that you couldn’t fill out because the extension had blocked it.

But with Brave, you are FORCED to reload right when you turn off the shield, which often means the session is lost and the thus entire form you were filling out gets lost, requiring you to completely start over. This leads to a very bad user experience and is far worse than not forcing a reload in many cases when it comes to session persistence.

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