Javascript Allow not working as expected

I really, really want to like Brave (1.7.98) , but I can’t get it to work as expected. I use multiple web browsers for different tasks, and I wanted to use Brave for general web browsing, Google searches, etc. I greatly dislike not being able to see the URL before clicking on a link. I’m accustomed to seeing this in Firefox, but I believe its not supported on Chromium-based browsers. I decided to switch back to Firefox, with NoScript and AdBlockPlus, for general browsing.

I then wanted to use Brave for some specific projects I work on, but I can’t get Javascript to work as I’d expected. I want do deny all scripts by default, and only allow scripts on sites I specifically trust (basically the way firewall rules work).

I have Block Scripts turned on, and I’ve put my trusted web sites in in the Javascript Allow list. The sites work as long as the browser stays open, but when I close and reopen the browser the Javascript Allow list is blank. I’ve tried non-Incognito and Incognito modes (Tor is blocked on the network I’m using, so I couldn’t try that). If I disable Block Scripts, then I’m not protected from unknown web sites, thus bypassing one of the best feature of Brave.

Is Block Scripts supposed to block all scripts except for temporary exceptions? If so, this makes Brave far far less useful than I’d like. I don’t know if I’ll continue using Brave for special tasks, or stop using it completely.

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I would avoid using “Block Scripts”, If you need more granualar blocking of scripts No Script will do a much better job

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Have you unchecked this → Settings>Clear browsing data>Site and Shields Settings?
Your preferences are saved when this is unchecked.

That was the problem. Thanks for the help.

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