Will not install on Windows 7 32 bit platform

I have tried to reload Brave on my system, the installer downloads but when I hit Run, it doesn’t run. Nothing… I tried BRV002 and https://brave-browser-downloads.s3.brave.com/latest/BraveBrowserSetup32.exe

Can’t find any earlier version to download…

All I want is a older version that is compatable with Windows 7 32 bit… can anybody help with that? Where do I get the older version I originally used? I was forced to rebuild the computer but I didn’t ahve a copy of the version of Brave that I used… now I am dead in the water. The browser worked fine at the time so I don’t really need help, just the version that works on Microsoft windows 7. Will I have to go to another browser such as Firefox instead?


for 32 bit, click this .exe

Maybe. Firefox decided to extend support until September 2024, but it’s not going to last forever. Brave and all chromium browsers stopped offering support at the same time Microsoft stopped updates and official support.

You can always download prior versions of the browser, though you’ll lose features. For example, you may not be able to sync between browsers, won’t be able to participate in Rewards, and I believe Wallet also won’t work as it should.

Not to mention you’ll miss out on newer things like Playlist, Leo (Brave’s AI), Brave VPN, and the many other things being added.

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