About webinstall version for older OSs

From this user: https://old.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/comments/1bt9s4v/brave_crash_when_i_open_youtube/kxmd70y/

my laptop runs on windows 7 64bit and had Brave 1.47.186
Every setup file I downloaded doesn’t work, “no updates available” appears.
Could someone help me?
I really got used to Brave on my old windows 7 laptop.

It got me wondering, why not have it point to the older, latest supported version of whatever’s available based on the OS, and have it put up a note for the user mentioning something like

Note: This is an outdated version of Brave and is no longer supported.
To use the latest version of Brave, please update your OS.

Then have a check box acknowledging that they understand, and click a continue/install button. This remedies a potential issue with people asking around about needing to be pointed to an install for it. Yes, some might still come around asking questions and stuff. But it’d alleviate one potential issue.

Google removed support for older windows versions, same thing in older versions of MacOS also. Not much we can do on these older versions of Brave unfortantly

Go down on this page and download the standalone version it might work but if it does not work try one version older
Hope it helps😊

My thread is about a recommendation for their installer. I don’t have any issues.

sorry for posting then , but what do you mean by installer ?

The last supported version for Windows 7 was v1.46.134 AFAIK so it’s weird that they’re using any version higher than that at all.

Regardless, when you are on that version there actually is a message stating that you’ll need Win10 or later to receive future updates:

I’m speaking about the casual/layman user who might just hear about Brave and go to https://brave.com/, download the webinstaller, and just expect it to work.
Though I’ll fully admit that I apparently didn’t read the original poster’s post correctly.

There’s a lack of options when it comes to the installer. It’s just open → install. It’s missing the usual creature comfort options like install location and shortcut, with only the over-simplified UI of “installing…” with a progress bar.

Just had a friend use a VM to install it on Win 7 and it just gives a “No updates available”. That’s the kind of scenario I mean for my OP. Wanted to wait until I had more info before replying.

All the releases are available via https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases

Not the for “casual/layman user” because we release so many versions, platforms etc. But its there for people to use.

That’s what I’m getting at. There’s far too many versions to check through to see which is compatible. I just checked the home page (https://brave.com/) and it makes no mentions of older OSs like Win 7/8/8.1 and I’m not familiar enough with Mac, iOS or Android to tell if there’s unsupported branches on that end. By extension, it also doesn’t mention what it does or doesn’t support.
Even on the github page linked, I visited

Windows 7/8.1 are NOT supported anymore as per https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/11197967945613-Sunsetting-support-for-Windows-7-and-8-8-1

And it makes no mention of which version older users should grab. Granted, with the current major youtube/google issue, it may not be wise to even make any mention of it for the moment. But isn’t there a way to make it so it auto-detects which OS it’s currently on, then grab the respective older version to install and notify the user and need to confirm like in the OP? Even with further emphasis of

Any issues that may come up will not be worked on. This is only presented as-is and you as the user are acknowledging that sites may no longer work as intended. Do you wish to proceed?

Again, won’t fix every problem, but it’ll help some.