Reinstallation Problem

Hi @steeven,

  1. I’ve uninstalled Brave on my windows 7 computer 32 bit .OS.

  2. When I try and reinstall the latest version a dialogue box keeps popping up saying:

“No update is available”.

  1. Please advise what the fix is?

Thanks in advance.

@Mattches can you please help with the above problem?


This is because Windows 7 support has been dropped — note that this is the case across most Chromium based browsers:

@Mattches is there an older Brave version that I can download and use on Windows 7?

If yes? Please reply with the download link. Thanks.

I believe v1.46.134 was the last version supported, which you can find here:

According to feedback from people, it’s 1.47.186 that was last update available for Windows 7 and 8.1.


Ah you’re right — good catch. Thanks @Saoiray!

@Saoiray @Mattches

Out of the many download links listed for v1.47.186, which is the correct one for my system?

Thanks in advance.

I believe you can use the base BraveBrowserSetup.exe:

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But grrr have another problem.

How do I fix this one?

That’s my mistake, I believe you should actually be using the BraveBrowserSetup32.exe installer. My apologies.


Grrr back to this again.

you need to use Standalone silent setup file


That worked.

Thankyou :call_me_hand:

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