WideVine blocked

I was viewing some video trailers on Amazon Prime Video (Windows 10 laptop) and a popup appeared requesting permission to “allow” WideVine to be accessed (not sure of the exact message). I mistakenly blocked this component and now some content won’t play. I get an error message saying Digital Rights Error. I went to brave://components but WidevineCdm does not appear. How can I unblock this component?

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.19.88 **

Additional Information:

Hello, sadly i dont have amazon prime video to test but, have you tried to go to the site permissions and check if you can enable widevine there?

If this doesnt work, go to brave://settings/privacy and search the option “Widevine”, check if is enabled or not. If enabled, desactivate it and re-enable it. And then, go to the site and check if it asks you for permission again.

Sorry for replying after an hour :sweat_smile:

I finally had the chance to try this. Found the option for apps to request to install Widevine if needed was turned off. Turned it on and returned to Amazon videos. Sure enough, I was prompted to install and run Widevine. All is well now.

Thanks for your help.

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