WidevineCdm Error



Trying to watch a video on amazon prime.

I get a message: “Digital Rights Error
Your web browser is missing a digital rights component. Go to chrome://components and under WidevineCdm, click Check for update.
For further assistance, please contact Amazon Customer Service at www.amazon.com/videohelp and refer to error 7235.”

I went to chrome://components/. The URL shows brave://components/. I copied that URL, and it pasted it, and it’s back to chrome://components/.

I don’t see WidevineCdm in the list. This works fine in chrome.

Can I add it? Is there a fix for brave?


Hi @apachewolf,
It’s not listed there because you need to install it first. It’s disabled by default. You can:

  • Visit Prime or other DRM-required site (spotify.com etc)
  • Look for puzzle icon at URL bar
  • Install & run Widevine

It should working now.
Let me know if it’s didn’t help.



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Thanks eljuno. I downloaded it, and restarted, and video still doesn’t play. Getting a black screen with a moving circle, and the attached.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the update @apachewolf

Can you try open your Shields panel (Brave icon at URL bar) and change the Cookie control option to Allow All?

Let’s see if it’s work as a workaround.

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