Digital Rights Error with Amazon Prime Video

Attempting to view any video on Amazon Prime returns the error shown in the following screencap:

I tried doing as instructed but there is no such component: WidevineCdm

I can view Amazon videos in Chrome just fine.

@Steph623 you need to install Widevine first. It’s disabled by default. See


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Thank you. I will give that a try.

I’m also having big trouble with the Bookmarks Manager. If I try to move a bookmark from one folder to another (I have folders and sub-folders), it just goes back to the original folder. It won’t stay. This is so frustrating as I cannot reorganize any of my bookmarks. :anguished:

Would you mind posting your bookmarks issue as a new topic so we can stay organized and better track issues?

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Unfortunately, your solution didn’t work. I never get the icon in the browser bar that is described in your instructions. However, I do get this NEW error now after I clicked “allow”.

Try visiting Netflix, hulu, or Spotify websites and see if you’re prompted to install Widevine there. If so, do it and you should not run in to this issue again (that is, you only need to install and run Widevine once for it to work across all websites).

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