Why use uphold?

My question concerns the use of uphold for the wallet. I went through the verification process with over 80 bat. When my bat went to uphold I had about half that.
As far as I can tell Uphold scooped half my bat as a process fee.
When I began to research uphold more deeply (something I admittedly should have done prior to signing with them, my mistake) it seems that they have a very poor record. High fees, lack of customer service and, by the claims of many reviewers, they play games with high dollar figure accounts.
I signed on and about half my BAT disappeared. There was no warnings that the fees would be this high, there’s nothing on the site saying why it occurred. Just POOF - gone. No explanations. Going by what I’m seeing online, I ain’t the first to be in this predicament.
I exchanged my BAT for other crypto before I really dug into the issue(another bad move on my part - I was playing around with the website). I planned to eat the loss and return to bat and kill the uphold account. Now when I try that I get verification issues. It won’t allow me to move anything.
Unless I’m missing something important, and that is a possibility, Uphold seems less than upright, to put it charitably.
I understand that, due to legal issues, to exhchange BAT there isn’t getting around a verification process. But why would Brave choose to tether itself to a company with such a poor reputation?
In my eyes at least you’ve tarnished your brand with this partnership.
It seems that Uphold is going to take half of all the crypto I earn from your ads. In light of this, the question I am pondering is this: Why should users buy into a system where your partner takes half my earnings? We already have a government that will do that for us.
Just my opinion but this partnership threatens your entire endeavor. I am seriously reconsidering Brave Rewards at this point.

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