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can I add bat to the brave wallet from uphold?

I don’t know if you’ve gone through the verification process with uphold, but if not, don’t. Uphold is problematic.
I had over 80 BAT and when I made my uphold account, it was reduced to a little over 40. About half disappeared. There was no warning that this would happen, no explanation, no reason. I cannot find an explanation in my transactions. I don’t know if they charged that as a fee, but if they did, that was almost a 60 dollar fee.
After researching Uphold I found multiple instances of this happening to others. So I decided to send my bat to a wallet. The fee for that on a little over 40 bat was 7.7 BAT, roughly 20%.
I’m currently trying to have my account canceled, but with the reviews on their customer service, I seriously doubt that they will respond.
Their desktop site is a buggy mess, absolutely horrid. It apparently has been this way for some time. Seems like they either can’t fix the issues or they just don’t want to. Why would they if they bugs hand over half your assets to them? And, according to what I’m seeing online, high value accounts have been hit with verification issues that prevent them moving their money away from uphold. Read the reviews before you send them your personal info. I sure wish I did.
I verified yesterday, finally got my BAT into a crypto wallet. From the 84 I had, I have 36 left.
I won’t be sitting down for the next month and I didn’t even get the courtesy of a reach around.
I have no clue why Brave chose such a sketchy partner, but it would be better to go through Gemini though that takes a little more doing since you have to be a publisher to use brave rewards for Gemini(as I understand it) . You’ll have to create a gemini account and a publisher site(youtube or blog of some sort) then set up a gemini creators account and tip yourself the bat.
Might seem like a headache until you see what kind of bite uphold takes out of you.
Good luck.

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