BAT Wallet support

I bought a new phone and just found out that I’ve lost all of my accumulated BAT. My bookmarks and other data made it, but conveniently my monetary rewards, the sole reason why I switched to Brave browser as my default. I figured this might happen, so I tried to withdraw my BAT first using the only method available, Uphold. I think you all are aware of the problem everyone is having just getting an account verified. Is it really that hard to enable your customers to withdraw their crypto that they “mined” by allowing Brave to bombard with constant ads. I didn’t mind as I watched my balance accumulate and BAT increase. Now I feel duped, hustled, and scammed. I’m just curious, but was this a serious project or one set up as a psych op for some unknown reason to obtain some info? BAT has risen to over $1, why is it so difficult to enable your customers, if that’s what we are, I feel like a victim, to withdraw “our” BAT into a self custody wallet of choice. I don’t want to enter into any agreement that’s forced on me. That is exactly what is happening in the case of Uphold. Enthusiasm has turned into a big disappointment. I’ve removed Brave as my default browser, but I’ve yet to uninstall it. I’d just like to see if I get a response. If I find a response satisfactory, I’ll comment.

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