Why the heck is uphold still the only way to receive the BAT payout?

It’s a shame that everyone of us still has to use uphold to collect our BAT. I’m a big fan of the Brave browser but uphold is the worst. It’s intransparent, takes way too much charges, doesn’t give the option to transfer the assets and anyway there is nothing good to say about it. Why would such a great project like the Brave browser collaborate with this rip off merchant for years??? It’s not like there are no alternatives. I really hope that there will be an useful alternative like Binance soon.


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Thanks for reaching out.
We’re in the process of adding other wallet custodians.


I’d agree with high fees, but many are about the same cost. And you claim that can’t transfer your assets is completely false. I transfer crypto in and out often, but I prefer to leave it in one place. Transferring within the same company has no fees. And Uphold is the only one I’ve come across that allow a CAD and USD account so you can convert to cash and back to crypto.


I agree. I’d be very happy to be able to simply send BAT to another wallet address…or any wallet address I chose. Having to go through Uphold is cumbersome and annoying.


I agree. instead of uphold it’s better to allow users to give wallet address they want… may be as a one time option.

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Except gemini, will it be possible in the near future to link with binance or coinbase?


Regardless of whomever is the partner you are probably only using them at most as a transitory exchange & hodling or utilizing your BAT from a source you actually have the keys to. NYKNYC. Uphold, Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, whatever - be smart and don’t hold your assets there or in any way where a misconfigure in Brave will empty out your BAT as a donate.

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