BAT still not transferred to wallet (Uphold to blame?)

It’s been several days from payout, and monthly BAT earned from adds is still not added to my wallet balance. I know that a lot of brave users have same issue. So, my question is, where is that BAT, who has it and is the uphold problem here?

I have seen a lot of negative reviews and comments online about uphold. Why don’t we have other options to verify our wallets? Uphold is the only choice we have and it shouldn’t be like that.

I am not angry, I don’t even need my BAT, it’s not much, but some people do have a lot and we, or at least they, deserve answers.

Thank you

check this one MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

it is still processing

and i agree with about have other option than uphold


Same here. last month i got it on 7th. I don’t know when will i receive this month.


I can confirm for those waiting that I received my Browser Wallet payout around noontime today, so that proves payments are still processing. Like many people, my payout date had switched to Sept. 5 on the Rewards screen, yet I still got it today, 8/8.

As for Uphold, I personally suspect the relationship may be fracturing. While I haven’t read anything disparaging from Brave Developers, many community members have complained for some time about Uphold. My personal experience has been fine thus far, but I have concerns for the community. We are not privy to the unique challenges of a young custodial crypto exchange, or how it interacts with Brave & BAT and their complexities. However, I think these regular monthly issues are damaging the platform. And starting this month it seems there is a BAT Network Fee of 1 BAT to withdraw, opposed to the waived fee in previous months. While that is still relatively inexpensive, it indicates to me that Uphold may not necessarily be profiting from its partnership with Brave, or that the exclusivity of the Wallets is now in question. Especially since the launch of the Binance gadget on the Browser’s Desktop Landing Page. The silence says a lot.

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Solution for fee is to send on XRP ledger instead. Only if the rates are low now.

Brave Should allow connecting of Users Brave Wallet Address this way we dont have to rely on uphold