Why new Summarizer tool is not working for me?

Brave Search new Summarizer is not working for me at all. I expect when I search something the Summarizer write a short summary about the findings, aggregated form various websites. I give an example: when my friend search for “what is the summarizer in Brave”, then he got this result: https://imgur.com/a/dEwQzmz Clearly see, the Summarizer’s summary above the results, and this text generated from different sites.
But this is not working for me. I got only the results, and search engine choose a particular website and highlight some sentences on it. Here is my result for the same search term:

There is no summarizer. My question is: why? Why Summarizer is not working for me?
I tried different browsers (Brave, Chrome, Samsung browser). Tried different platforms: Android, Windows. I tried empty cache and browser history. Nothing helped.

**Description of the issue:

**Brave Version (check About Brave): v1.48.171

**Operating System: Windows 10 and Android 13

pretty weird. maybe it’s not yet rolled out to all users. Give it upto 24 hours to see if it starts working.

You are actually seeing Brave AI in action thought, in the blog the explains it:

Besides the summary itself, our AI models are also able to replace the already query-dependent snippets (result descriptions) with a summarized version of those snippets

That’s what you are getting and that’s why the first result is the same as the second with bold words, that’s because Summarizer only works in few instances, blog post said 17% of queries, because it is still WIP.

Although a summary is generated for about 17% of queries, we expect this number to grow in the near future as we scale our system. The Brave AI model is probably the largest such system in production to date, in that it receives more traffic than others in terms of queries per second, we apply the Summarizer to all queries.

I mean, I don’t know why you didn’t get it with that query, the summarizer panel specifically, I got it for the same query, and also by using: Brave summarizer, Summarizer in Brave, summarizer Brave.

Maybe it is just about ‘try later’ to get it, and not just the improved search result.

You should get it with others like saving time 2023 california or Brave Browser vs Chrome.

But if you don’t see it, it’s not like something is broken on your side, it’s just Brave being new and all that, you have no control about it or not for now.

I tried your search terms, but none of them activated summaraizer. Just gave websites, as below:

Did you try in Private mode or better yet, Tor? because it might be just you are not in the lucky group getting it and maybe using Tor will force it, if you don’t get it in Private more or TOR, well, not much you can do.
You are still getting something, just not the summarizer, if it was like an error or something about the summarizer, you wouldn’t get the refined non summarized results, and you would be getting like an empty box with no info (I tested blocking the JS/CSS in charge of it and the API as well)

@Emi Thanks Emi for the link to the Brave article. I didn’t realize Brave had posted something! I should check that more often. lol

@Nyirog Do you have Brave Search as your default search engine? I do and I am wondering if that may have something to do with it.

Edit: Well, nevermind. Just went to Firefox - DDG is my default there, never bothered to change it. Typed search.brave.com, entered “Brave summarizer” in search bar, and the Summarizer popped up.

Sorry :frowning: I can’t think of anything else at the moment. The article does say it is available to all users so really strange you are not getting any Summarizer boxes especially using two different devices.

I tried Tor, and tried private mode, but still no summarizer

Any extensions or anything? Disable them all.

You can go to CMD/Terminal and type --disable-extensions

"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --disable-extensions

that way all the extensions will be disabled temporary until you re-open Brave.

you can also try:

"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --user-data-dir=%localappdata%\BraveSoftware\TEMP
This way a new user data will be created in that location, so you can test a completely new everything without touching your normal one.

Test it again, and if it doesn’t work, then it has to do with your network settings or something, either use the Phone’s carrier internet or go to some other place to see if you get it there with a total different IP or internet provider.

It shouldn’t happen but since it does, I would even change DNS servers in brave://settings/security and all that.

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Thanks for the tips, I tried, but does not work. And certainly these can be solution only for Windows, but not for Android.
I tried private mode, tried Tor mode, does not work

When I tried Tor browser, it is working finally. Only with Tor browser, nothing else.

Can it be some region restriction? Or why only Tor is working?

Well, could be a region thing, since you are using the Tor browser, it means it is really not linked to anything about your Brave or your Network.

And it is just like the browser calling this API, and getting the JSON information from it and putting it in the box https://search.brave.com/api/summarizer?key=brave%20vs%20chrome%3Aus%3Aen it’s not complicated and it’s not something would be broken by anything but a region restriction since it is server side, brave is the one deciding if anyone will see the summarizer or not.

I mean, it is affecting both your android and desktop (I forgot that) which discards the browser.

But you said your friend who is in your same region gets the summarizer, but does your friend use the same internet provider as you? you should go there and test the android and see if you get it as well, that would confirm is something in your network, maybe just your ISP being weird or something with Brave search.
Maybe go to a public WIFI in a library or something or a restaurant.

What about your phone carrier internet? test it if it works, then share it to PC and make the PC get the IP of your carrier and see if it works like that too.

Even Opera proxy/vpn is able to display the summarizer.

So things like that make your region, or ISP or DNS server seem the suspicious one, even if Brave says it should work for everyone, if it was like a problem with the summarizer, you would get this:

And not the first normal results with bold words like in your first screenshot.

But yes, might be region issue.

OK, so it seems it was really a regional problem. Since yesterday the Summarizer tool is working for me, no matter which browser I use. Maybe just arrived now the product rollout here to Central Europe
Thank you for all the answers!

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