Brave summarizer not working when using brave search

When using brave search the summarizer below does not work and stalls, there is no output related to the search query.

When I do a simple search for anything specific such as putting in a brave search; what is mitochondria there is no summarizer below it to explain the search query immediately.

1.60.114 Chromium 64-bit

Please reference the image attached

@Sanded6 I tried to replicate, but it seems to work for me.

Would you check in Private window and/or in a new profile and see if the issue occurs there?

Essentially I am thinking it might be an extension or bad cookie causing your problem, so would like to just test that by doing those two separate steps.

@Saoiray I tried the private window and the summarizer remains broken, when trying on a new profile the summarizer works fine.

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