Edge browser Ia discover tool

Hi guys . im a brave user through and through and quite frankly , hate ms edge . I probably not a fan for all the same reason as you might be plus a few other irrational reasons. However, I reinstalled it to take a look at this discover IA and as much as i don’t want to say it, but it is quite Awesome . i have had very limited use on it but i must say . the little I have done has worked very well for me . This leads to my question , is there something similar coming in brave , and if yes please dont tell me its an externsion , im yet to see an extension actually works

Jason Vesagie

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So yes, Brave is working on AI. However, I don’t know how it’s going to compare to anything like Bing AI. They have introduced a simplified AI that is being called a Summarizer that is currently available for Search, though it’s still in the early stages and doesn’t always appear.

Rather than being based on ChatGPT like others, it is an AI being developed by Brave, if I remember what had been said correctly. I’m trying to get them to join in a Community Call to help share more on what they are working on and when we might look to expecting it.