Integrate OpenAI/ChatGPT into the Brave Search Engine

It is predicted that OpenAI will replace Google Search as the go-to start for information gathering. Why sift through pages of search results when a single, well written answer is desired.

As Microsoft begins integrating ChatGPT into both its BING search engine and its other products, it would be nice to have an independent and opt-in unfiltered/unshackled ChatGPT equivalent in the Brave Search Engine.


Brave blog post about the Summarizer linked below. It has been popping up quite a bit on my search queries. I really like it! Very helpful. Having the source reference(s) is helpful too. If I want more detail, I just click the source link(s). Saves a ton of time evaluating search results. lol

brave “summarizer” is not interactive and doesn t know what a topic is. You can t compare the usability , maybe compare the source of info.

Are you saying other search engines integrating AI actually have an interactive component and not just a summary and link(s) to resources? I just use Brave Browser/Search for the most part. I do not know how other search engines implement this feature or tool (or whatever the heck it’s called!). Please provide more details of your experience or explain what you mean if I’ve misinterpreted. Thanks! :slight_smile:

testing chatGpt is free.
Insert first query, and based on the answer, tou can ask/adapt to your needs, and it will remeber the context of all the conversation/topic.
For me, i found it at last 10x more productive.
scrapping the web using a normal search engine for certain infos, add +50 bookmarks, go again trough all the pages and sort/combine info.
In chat, just throw in the first query all your idea, and see the results, and change whatever tou like even with suggestions proposed.

@LauraTab Oh, I see. And that would be nice for deeper dives. Right now the short summary with the references is nice enough for me.

I didn’t realize that. Nice.

Thanks for the additional info. Take care. :slight_smile:

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