Brave Search Summarizer

Just ran across the articles posted below. I think this is going to be great once it is fully implemented. Hopefully over time this can also be used in some way to mitigate perceived bias in search results.

I did get a display of the Summarizer in action (I think) by typing

  1. What is Summarizer
  2. Brave Search Premium and
  3. wikipedi left right center bias

into the Brave Search search bar.

Potential Improvements?

  1. When I clicked the links for the sources, they opened in the same tab even though I have Open links in new tab enabled in settings. I think the source links should also open in a new tab when clicked if this setting is enabled.
  2. I think the results for the wikipedia inquiry (snip below) were only on point in the first line. The rest of the summarization was about Allsides and why they don’t rate wikipedia.

I think I am going to subscribe to Brave Search Premium just to support this. Please don’t go the way of wikipedia and insert bias into the summarizations.

Articles about the Brave Summarizer:

Article on Google News Aggregator Bias:

Snip of Summarizer for “wikipedia left right center bias” Search Results:

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For me the summarizer is not working at all. I never received summarizer things. Should be aggregate from many siites, right? As in your example can be seen. But for me it always choose 1 particular website and highlight some sentences. See the same search terme as yours

@Nyirog Well, one of the articles did say the Summarizer was only working on about 17% of search queries. That may be why you did not get a Summarizer result.

I did go back and reenter and the results were different. The Summarizer only displayed on 2/3 queries (didn’t hit for Brave Search Premium this time) and when it did display, the number of sources had changed. The sources which did display were the same and hadn’t changed, just the number cited was different.

This is a work in progress and 17% is not a very high number. I would just keep an eye out to see if you ever get a Summarizer summary at the top of your search results. Until Brave officially releases, I wouldn’t be concerned.

Hope this helps. Take care. :slight_smile: