Why is brave accessing my webcam?

My brave desktop browser is accessing my webcam. my ESET anti-virus kept poping up whenever I open brave browser, it says it accessing my webcam. My brave browser is also updated. I scan my pc for viruses, it says it’s good. Also there are no sites that need my webcam, it’s just whenever I open my brave browser it instantly pop-up that brave browser is accessing my webcam Please help.
Screenshot 2022-03-05 201248

See the entire thread and replies from 289wk and mattches Brave attempts to get access to webcam even I choose not to allow sites to use my camera!. The user also reported it happened to him on chrome. Most of the time when you get such a pop-up, the browser is just trying to check if your device has a camera or not. It is not trying to connect/access/use the camera.

ohh yeah make sense, Thank you very much, I thought it was virus or something

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