Unauthorized access to my camera

Hi I recently detected unauthorized access to my camera from the brave browser, a scan revealed no problems with the original download file which has (sha256) 87b0bd1f91c88ef7d3784adddc4f66516188c6b836c59ef5722e34492db43f67.
I also checked the privacy settings and everything is configured correctly ,is this normal with the brave browser?
mi brave build are : 1.42.88 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81
thanks :slight_smile:

This is a false positive, so-to-speak. If a website has a feature where a camera can be used, the browser often checks with your PC to see if there’s a camera connected. It isn’t actually accessing or trying to use it, but is just trying to see if it exists and if you’re wanting to use it.

Check out the article below:

Just out of curiosity, how do you have it configured? Is it set to say they CAN NOT ask you for access or did you have it set that they CAN ask for access? Either way puts you in control, but in one it just automatically denies and in the other it first is supposed to give you a prompt to ask before it ever allows anything access. (I’m assuming you have it at the default, Sites can ask to use your camera. )

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