Is it normal that Brave is activating my webcam?

New to Brave browser, and for some reason I’m not sure how it all started. There are times that Brave says it’s activating my webcam after I open Brave. Could this be done by an extension or something else running in the background?

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Unless you have gave permission to site (previously, or just currently) to use your webcam? Have you check the site permissions?


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Exactly what I figured, but I can’t remember which site it was. Even when the site isn’t opened could it have access to my webcam? Where do I find the sites I gave permission to do any of those stuff?

Oh there it is as you suggested. Thanks. Under permissions and under camera. Yet there isn’t any site there I have given access to. I have set the camera to blocked for now. Let’s see if this thing still wants to access the webcam. Could it be some kinda malware doing it?

Unlikely, any site with malware would request browser permission to get access to the camera. Keep an eye on it, just don’t blindly click on any permission request popups :slight_smile: Also make sure you have you Anti-virus/Malware protection up to date.


Thanks bro! I’ll be more cautious this time. I’ll let you know if something comes up again.

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