Can anyone explain why Brave Desktop for Win 10 keeps trying to access my webcam?

Several weeks ago I noticed that when I access certain websites like the web version of Outlook Mail ( my copy of Norton 360 would pop up a message stating that Brave was attempting to access my webcam. My webcam light never came on to indicate that the camera was active but it kind of freaks me out a bit. I looked for a setting specific to accessing the webcam but found no settings where this could be turned off. Just for grins I fired up the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge and whenever I access these same websites Norton 360 pops up the same message. As a safeguard I set my Norton 360 up to deny the request but now Norton tells me that Brave is still seeking access to the webcam but it (Norton) is blocking the request. Brave either never sought access to my webcam in older versions or it was seeking access and Norton was not noting and flagging the request. Can anyone explain what’s going on and whether there’s a way within the Windows version of Brave itself where this can be denied?


If you don’t mind, the next time you see this alert, can you take a screenshot of it and post it here on Community so we can take a closer look? There should be no reason that Brave is attempting to access your webcam unless you’re on a site that would make use of it – remember, the browser itself is not asking permission. Rather, the website is asking the browser for permission, which in turn will ask you.

Additionally, if you go to Menu --> Settings --> Additional --> Privacy/Security --> Site settings (or brave://settings/content), you can adjust behavior for any/all permissions a site may ask:

Note that the notification is in the lower right hand corner of the screen

Here’s the report details from Norton 360

Sorry for the late response – I’ve reached out to the team for additional information. There’s certainly no reason Brave (by itself) should be attempting to access or use your webcam without permission.
Appreciate your patience.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m assuming that this might not be a Brave specific issues but a Chromium issue as the current version of Microsoft Edge exhibits the same behavior on the same websites… I could not fine anything specific on that browner either that would allow me to deny access to the webcam.

In one of my previous replies, I mentioned how you can deny access to your webcam to any/all websites through the browser:

:point_up: Go to the Settings page above, click on Camera and change the option from Ask to Blocked:

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