"Brave" accesses device camera on laptop and mobile. Pop-up warnings on "Brave" doing so from Norton360. Creepy. Going to uninstall browser and app. Please fix this eerie feature

I recently started using “Brave” browser and the “Brave” app as an alternative due to seeking out more privacy-centered internet services. It’s been approximately a month or so.

However, my cybersecurity software on laptop keeps warning me that “Brave” repeatedly attempts to access webcam.

I also have “Brave” on a mobile device.

I decided to check app permissions on mobile since I am not getting any cybersecurity warnings on the cellphone that “Brave” is trying to access my camera.

Turns out the reason why is because the “Brave” app ALREADY installs with full permissions including of the mobile device camera as is!

Why does an internet browser need access to my laptop webcam and access to my cellphone cameras?

It’s creepy.

Norton 360 on laptop keeps warning me that “Brave” is trying to access my webcam even when I am not using “Brave” and I have to keep on denying permissions and blocking its access on the laptop, over-and-over-again.

I am considering uninstalling the “Brave” Browser and App since “Brave” using camera permissions is freaking me out. I’ll probably stick with competitors like DuckDuckGo and Ecosia at this rate.

Weird and creepy as heck.

(Please fix this camera-access feature or bug.
I am not the only “Brave” user who has reported this in community.

A number of other “Brave” browser and app users have reported the same experience of “Brave” accessing their webcam and getting cybersecurity warnings that “Brave” is trying to access the camera.

This is a very eerie feature/bug and a major red-flag for a browser/app provider that claims to care about people’s online privacy, data, and online security).

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