Why havent my rewards posted to Gemini?

Please advise. It states they should have posted by now. Thank you.

@crypt0xhawk you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 so someone from Brave can look into it for you.

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Same issue for me this month with Gemini

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Thank you, I created a ticket last week. Is there a way to follow up on my ticket, or just wait until someone gets to it. Thanks again.

@crypt0xhawk I’m assuming you’ve been keeping an eye out on your email, including junk. If not, make sure to do that. In regards to following up, one of the best ways is to share your ticket number here and we can try to tag someone like Evan123 to check on it.

One thing I want to remind you of is it’s currently Thursday night. If they don’t get to you by the end of tomorrow, then chances are it won’t be until after Monday before you hear anything.

They had a lot of accounts flagged this month and tons of support tickets submitted, so that’s there are some delays. But hopefully won’t be long, especially if you can share your ticket number

I doubt they will get back before the weekend if a ticket is put in today. Still waiting patiently on my ticket from Tuesday.

They created their ticket last week. In fact, it was exactly one week (7 days) ago from today. So when saying haven’t heard anything, I mentioned if they shared ticket number that support might be able to take a quick glimpse on the status, just to make sure neither side missed out on a communication.

Sorry @Saoiray and thanks for pointing that out - that’s what I get for skim-reading and not paying full attention!

Thanks @Saoiray, I received a generic reply a few days ago that said “your ticket is updated” but I can’t find the actual update lol. My ticket is #199616 and the rep working it is “J”. Thanks for the help and I will continue to check back. Would be nice if there was a place I could check the ticket so I don’t have to bug you. oh well. Thanks!

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All good, I’ll tag @Evan123 and @Mattches to see if either can try to check on the status later. It may be that they are still working on your ticket, but at least they can clarify if there’s been a response or if anything more is needed from you.

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