2022 November month payout is missing

My browser is connected to Gemini to receive rewards. Every month i receive payout before 10th but this time i haven’t received the rewards. Yesterday my browser was displaying “Congrats! Your November rewards have arrived!
but i haven’t received any claim button and i checked the balance and transaction history balance in Gemini it was also not updated. My Balance is same as previous months balance. Where are my rewards ? Is anyone else facing the same issue ?
Brave please resolve this issue. @steeven

Better to raise a ticket at

From there, a Brave Support agent will help you. Do share the ticket id so further assistance can be provided.

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@SaltyBanana @steeven I raised a ticket on December 18. Your support team asked for few details i have provided it. But i haven’t received any reply from your team. Please resolve the issue.

Hi @immortal24 - what’s your ticket number? Will take a look!

My ticket number is 171188

Thank you! Please respond to the additional request for information via email and a member of the team can get back to you.

Thanks again!

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