Brave Rewards vanished and never made it to my Gemini Account

So last month’s Brave rewards weren’t deposed like usual into my Gemini account (which I created only to hold BAT). This time, they dissapeared from my “to be deposited” and never arrived in my Gemini account.

I’m not sure what happened this time. But i have a feeling i’m not the only one to have had this issue.


Same for October and November. Says I have x amount that will be deposited. Then days later, nothing in transaction history and nothing in Gemini.

Should I remove the cloud wallet, and just keep it all in my local brave wallet and move manually when I have enough to care about?

@steeven should I removed Gemini?

I’m in the same boat with Gemini wallet. Nothing received in Dec for my Nov ads. Community page says all transactions complete but have seen numerous threads explaining they have not received rewards either and not one thread has a support reply…not cool

Can someone help me?
Im receiving this error - “Ad notification not served: Not allowed due to permission rules”

I have not received my Oct, Nov, or Dec reward payments. Verified my Gemini wallet and contacted their support. They confirmed rewards were not received and requested I reach out on here. Is anyone able to assist me? TIA!

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Wow, just got three months of BAT collected at once. Looks like the issues are resolved for my account. Hope your’s is soon as well.

@steeven @SaltyBanana can we please get some help on payouts?

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