Why doesnt Brave save and use my google passwords

I’m not saying it twice

Well, not enough information for us to even begin trying to help. I know I have my Google passwords saved in my password manager and login to Google with it when I need to. So that’s not an issue.

And you can import/export passwords from Chrome to Brave on all devices (except maybe Android, I need to look if that update hit yet). So that shouldn’t be an issue.

How about you explain things like OS you’re using,. which version of Brave, how you’re trying to go about saving passwords, etc?

There is no option to use Google passwords it just says save this password on this device. So when I use a different t device to login it doesn’t have e the password so I have to make a new one and thenwhe I use a different time wasting device and I t pisses me off I just ditch it for something that does what I want without me having to hammer the lid off the bloody nightmare.

@IamSky That’s because Brave is not a Google product. So it doesn’t sync to your Google account or anything. If you want passwords to be shared across devices, then you need to use the Sync feature within the browser.

You can see the basic help article on that over at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021218111-How-do-I-set-up-Sync-

Then I have some basic FAQ things that might be helpful to see at the links below:

I’m not trying to sync

I want to see the option save to google not save to this device. I don’t recall having to do anything special on Firefox or Opera all I have to do is sign into google and all my passwords come up when I sign in on any webpage with a saved pw. Not with this browser for some reason. Don’t worry I only tried this to see if it works as good as Firefox with ublock but who gives a rats ass whi h browser I’m wasting time here instead of clicking something that noone knows what to do so it’s back to Firefox cause it works!