Password import on iPad and android

I’ve tried for 2 hours to find any way to import my chrome passwords to brave on either android or iPad, there is no way at all.
I synced both devices but I don’t have a notebook or desktop pc.
Modern people just use iPads or android phones.
So why is there no option to import passwords ?
How am I supposed to switch to brave on my iPad or android phone ?
Do you even care about new users ?
I’ve seen this issue being reported for years.
I don’t get it.

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a desktop or anything. The passwords still sync between the Brave browsers regardless of device types. For example, if I Sync my iPhone to my old Android, I’m able to get all the passwords from both devices.

Keep in mind that for them to sync with each other, they have to be on the same Sync chain and both must have the option to sync passwords enabled.

This exists on Android. The challenge on iOS is because of Apple. You should notice even Chrome on iOS doesn’t let you Import passwords, at least not within the browser. Instead Apple has pushed to require people to use iCloud Passwords & Keychain. In fact, even when we sync over passwords to Brave and have it stored in the browser, it’s unusable. What I mean by that is iOS only lets you select from a small selection of places where you’re allowed to use passwords from for autofill.

They have yet to add Brave as one of those options. You’d be amazed at all the ways Apple restricts competition. They put it under the guise of security and all, but they do prevent users and developers from doing a lot of helpful things.

Yes I turned on sync passwords, but I don’t have them in Brave yet, only in chrome.
How can I import them into brave on Android?
I don’t see an option when I click on settings - password manager?
The three dots only give me the option to export, not too import.

I haven’t actively used Android in over a year. I thought they said it had been added and that I saw it on my old Samsung Galaxy S9 (which is somewhere in my apartment…forget where), but maybe it’s still in the works and my memory is mistaken.

Let me ask, what version of Android and Brave are you using?

In the meanwhile, I’m also going to tag in @Mattches and @steeven on this and hope they can respond here today. Especially would be nice if they might have a resolution, though might confirm what you’re saying and it’s not been implemented yet. Which, if the worse case, I’ll hope they can ping the team again and might have some suggestions on what options are best available for your situation.

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Sounds great, latest brave version from g playstore 1.61.120 chromium 120.0.6099.234, latest android version 11 update build 55.2.A.4.332 on Sony Xperia one (J9110)

At this time there is no way to import passwords into Brave on Android. The team is in the process of figuring out a way to do this, however the implementation is non-trivial.

It is also worth noting that this is actually not a common feature amongst mobile browsers — just tested Chrome, Firefox, Duck Duck Go, Opera, Kiwi, Vivaldi and none of them allow manual password import. Interestingly MS Edge mobile browser is the only one that does!

Again this feature will likely make it’s way into the browser but it may take some time.

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