Sync Passwords Across Multiple Devices


I came across a few posts about this already, but they are now closed and no definite timeline was given.

When will Brave allow us to Sync passwords across multiple devices? Right now, I can only sync Bookmarks. Will this come about a couple of months or much further down?

I was going to move from Opera to Brave, but I am still using Opera because it syncs my passwords across my work laptop and home desktop.


The basic concept behind sync here in brave is awesome but its need more implementation syncing just bookmarks is kindda just not how it should work and i am also waiting for passwords to get synced across devices it helps a lot ! Was gonna raise this issue but am happy that you already have raised it!


Yes, yes and yes! I could honestly get by without the bookmark syncing (even thought I’ve got thousands on desktop), but the lack of password syncing is really hurting my mobile experience.

I’m not a fan of 3rd party extensions that do that - I was perfectly happy with the way Chrome handled it for years, before moving to Brave. Now if I don’t remember my password I have to either boot Chrome or go to and manually retype everything from there.