Sync Passwords Across Multiple Devices

I came across a few posts about this already, but they are now closed and no definite timeline was given.

When will Brave allow us to Sync passwords across multiple devices? Right now, I can only sync Bookmarks. Will this come about a couple of months or much further down?

I was going to move from Opera to Brave, but I am still using Opera because it syncs my passwords across my work laptop and home desktop.


The basic concept behind sync here in brave is awesome but its need more implementation syncing just bookmarks is kindda just not how it should work and i am also waiting for passwords to get synced across devices it helps a lot ! Was gonna raise this issue but am happy that you already have raised it!


Yes, yes and yes! I could honestly get by without the bookmark syncing (even thought I’ve got thousands on desktop), but the lack of password syncing is really hurting my mobile experience.

I’m not a fan of 3rd party extensions that do that - I was perfectly happy with the way Chrome handled it for years, before moving to Brave. Now if I don’t remember my password I have to either boot Chrome or go to and manually retype everything from there.


This is the one singular reason I cannot migrate to Brave from Chrome.

Set it all up today, tempted to go back to using LastPass but I just want simplicity and Google Passwords supplies that great simplicity, if we could Sync passwords it’d be great.

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It would be a nice feature to have BUT unless Brave can up the security of the standard browser baked in password managers, please do not release such a feature!
Please don’t misunderstand me @dem_crumblies, @navtey, @MaxiM_PL, and @Sam86 I’d love to see Brave create something closer to LastPass but as it stands there are great standalone password managers and the Brave team should, therefore, focus on other more pressing feature than trying to catch up to those, which isn’t an easy undertaking.


Good Morning!

I really enjoyed the features of Brave. However, I have the same problem of password synchronization on the devices. I really want to make the move to Brave. But in the meantime, I need to stay with Google Chrome because I need to give more access to other devices for my project.

My project:

@MONKiB You’re joking right?

The LastPass integration with Android and Chrome is a god damn joke. I was trying to buy tickets to a band yesterday and EVERY text entry box it popped up saying ‘thumb print to auto fill’…
So there are not any good solutions.

Google Password is the only one that has worked seamlessly for me, it is basic user/pass with no advance options but this is fine for 99.9999% of websites I use… Very few use 2-3 passwords.

If they do it properly I don’t see much of a security issue. I’m already letting the application store the passwords, it already has it in memory somewhere … it is not rocket science to add some synchronization. IF you already trust it so save device to device them transferring that data securely is child’s play. Data doesn’t get snatched mid stream, it’s nearly always stolen while saved.

And I’m not alone, this is not the 90s, we don’thave 1 device each.

For me security comes first and usability second. A certain amount of separation allows for added security. Now the basic password managers, integrated into browsers, are very usable but in terms of security they are lack luster.

On macOS and iOS I’ve had a very good experience with using LastPass. I’m sorry to hear that the experience you have with it on Android is not very good. I have coworkers who use it on Android and they haven’t been complaining. Maybe it depends on the Android variant and the manufacturers OS customizations.

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Sorry but the website annoyance is true on any android version.

I have on me a Samsung S9, OnePlus 5T and Pixel 3.

I use Pixel 3 daily.

All have the LastPass shoddy behavior.

There are NO seemless password managers that can interact with chrome/braze/chromium etc on android

Braze HAVE to implement true sync

The ‘majority’ simply wont move until they do so.

You can scream security, you can scream ‘but you can do this and get annoyed’ or ’ your can bla bla bla’ all you like.

But until a seamless device to device sync is implemented… don’t expect Brave to be a main browser for most people.

Phone, Laptop. PC, Tablet, Kindle, Work PC etc etc etc… people want them all sync’d. Any company that doesn’t realize that is doomed.

Please add logins to Sync asap. It’s a huge loss of functionality for those of us coming from Firefox, in what’s otherwise a pretty great browser.

I see few suggested LastPass and few got cringe because of lack of Native support of sync to various other things, damm I came back to community after more than one and half month just to rant again about how much i hate this thing about passwords still, It is becoming more unbearable for me, I wish the devs listen to us. I am not in support of making a feature that is fast but insecure that will destroy the whole motto , but at least take this thing to your priority and come up with implementation ASAP. PS: I could not imagine a modern browser without sync xD

I’m coming here to Brave from Google Chrome after the recent announcement of chrome limiting adblockers soon… I’m extremely disheartened to find out brave won’t let me sync passwords between devices. This should be a core feature of sync. Why in the heck would you even implement -ANY- version of sync if you don’t sync passwords? There should be no sync at all unless you can sync passwords with it.

That aside… Does anyone have any solution for getting my passwords from my desktop install of Brave in to my android phone’s install of brave? Is there a lastpass thing that will sync between devices if I use it as an addon? Does anyone have any other suggestion? This is very important and we need a way to do this or the mobile version of brave is pointless and useless. Most of my passwords are randomly generated and stored in the browser… I’m not going to spend weeks looking up every single last password for every site for every device I want Brave on.

Agreed, I actually stopped using Brave and went back to using Opera. I really wanted to make Brave my browser of choice, but Opera offers way more functionality. I still stay subscribed to these forums for the day they announce that they will offer Password Sync.

This is literally a deal breaker. I’m quite shocked to find out that brave doesn’t allow this. How can millions of people use something without password sync. That just… blows my mind and doesn’t even compute. I love this browser. It does everything I want and it’s safe and I love the ad blocking. But for the love of pete… if you can’t add passwords to sync then no one can use your browser.


I agree, Password Sync is critical.

Please let us know if this is on the roadmap. If not, I don’t see how the browser can grow.

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+1 for password sync
This is indeed a deal breaker.
I’ve just installed Brave on 3 devices, only to find out passwords are not synced.
Going to keep it installed, but have to go back to Chrome as this is simply going to be a daily annoyance.

Re security: I do not use the integral password manager for critical sites.
But my local online grocery store, forum logins and my Pocket Casts account password, for example - these all should be synced so I can easily access them from my mobile phone without having to launch KeePass there.

If there is anything the community can do to help accelerate password sync - please let us know. Would be happy to assist.


I was going to use Brave, used it for a day, loved it… until I notice it dosent sync password. I do use random password everywhere… so it’s a “no go” for me without this feature.

Sign up for and use LastPass. It works with brave and it syncs your passwords across all devices and it’s super secure. Millions of folks use LastPass and I switched to it for brave and it’s genius. Including a built in random password / strong password generator for new websites.

I just realized I wouldn’t feel confident with password syncing that goes through a cloud or commercial service (no matter if it’s point to point encrypted, I don’t like the idea of uploading a list a passwords to a server I don’t own).

Of course I need to keep my passwords in sync, but, fortunately my need is mainly related to desktops, and so I can follow the CSV export/import procedure described here without needing to use any cloud nor third-party service.

This procedure is not friendly with my iOS devices, but I completely dislike mobile devices and try to minimize their use, so it’s not that inconvenient to me.

Brave is a great tool for privacy, so any kind of password management must be extremely secure and way deep into the paranoid side.

Secure and native password sync needs to be a higher priority as it is crucial for usability. I had my parents using Brave until they recently switched browsers to have their passwords back when using another device.