Brave Browser - Password Manager

Hi Team,
I have just been noticing lately that the password manager is not offering to save passwords.
Is anyone else having this issue and know of a fix?

Hey russellm, check this out.

hey @Rotblut sorry my friend no good at all - would you have any other thought…

Nope not really.
But i would try something in another direction.

  1. install Opera or Chrome.
  2. go to any site and log in saving your PW in Opera/Chrome.
  3. after done so go to setting and export the PW to a csv file (maybe you already have one).
  4. Open Brave, go to setting and import PW using csv file. Use the 3 little dots at saved passwords for that.

Then be happy.
I know that is a bit of a hassle, but worth a try imho.

Hey @Rotblut - Hahaha all good now my friend. The end result was that I had a a massive virus infection and had to run a Malware & PC Cleaner to remove all the 3672 malwares in my PC and this has now enabled me to save the passwords you the Brave Browser password vault.
Thanks all the same for your assistance in this matter.

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