Sync built-it password manager with Google account?


is there a chance, or let me say a way, to sync Braves stored passwords with my Google account like it is done in Chrome? (Desktop, Windows).

Thanks! Best regards.

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Hello there,
The main idea of Brave is to protect your privacy on the internet. You can easily imagine that you will never have an option to sync anything with Google.
If this day come, it will be the end of Brave as we know it.

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I agree with you. By now Brave has a setting to activate Google logins within extensions. It is deactived by default. That is why I’ve come to my idea.


It roughly translates to “Allow Google login within extensions”.


@Mattches Reason for closing my topic pls?

I didn’t intend to close it, that is why it is now re-opened.
@lokan is correct about this though. The toggle you’re referring to is specific to extensions that require Google Authentication. It has nothing to do with having a Google “account” or anything like that.

If you want your Brave passwords in Chrome, you can export/import them manually as an HTML file, but there is no way to automate or “sync” them.

Thanks! I think the export/import will do it for me even if I’ve to do it manually.

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