Brave Rewards for german users II

I was shocked and disappointed to find that my first thread on the subject was simply closed without explanation, even though the problem still exists and people are still posting regularly in the thread:

I find it shameful that no official comments on the topic and it is simply to be swept under the rug by closing the thread. Therefore, once again:

Users from Germany and from many other countries cannot register at GEMINI or UPHOLD as new customers- and this since many many months. This means they can’t save their earned Brave rewards (in case of changing operating system or PC) and they can’t get them in any form as a pay-out. However, this is not officially pointed out anywhere on Brave’s pages. And so far there are no signs or announcements that this problem is being worked on in any way. If Brave doesn’t care about the users from the affected countries or at least thinks it’s okay that they can’t participate in the Brave Rewards system, then it would be honest to communicate this openly. Otherwise, it would be appropriate to communicate in what form and until when the problem can be solved, or at least the indication and regular updates, whether and how this problem is being worked on.


If Uphold is working in your country, just go on with it and forget about Gemini .

Brave support here is dreadful. Nobody can even get an answer on changing their wallet password. My ticket is also ignore as I can’t even activate ads. I’m starting to wonder about the legitimacy of Brave all together.

No, it is not working for new users. Only users, who signed up at least 2 years ago, can use it. Uphold does not accept new customers from Germany.

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I see, lets hope soon it will be fine!

Hey everyone,

i use Brave for over a year now and i tried to verify my Uphold/Gimini Wallet a few times. At this point, i have more than 40$ in BAT and as you already mentioned, there is no way of paying it out. Further Gimini and Uphold have no plans to bring their services to german users. I am very dissapointed on Brave, that they don’t give you any information about that. The bad news are coming when you try to verify @ 15BAT. The Brave Team tells you if you cant verify you wallet, your BAT’s are just virtual and get lost with the deinstallation of the Browser. So for german users (and other restricted countries) it’s just joke money. Maybe we should tell the others…


I am waiting for a year now. This is a joke. Uphold was available for german users long time ago and they haven’t planned to come back… Hope doesn’t help you, when the Brave Team doesn’t care. Use Brave as a nice, better Browser, but don’t give anything on their “rewards” as long as you are german or from any other restricted country.

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I don’t know is it okay by their policies and is it allowed to connect 2 brave accounts with 1 uphold account but…

If you need help it’s not problem for me to connect my uphold with your brave and forward your BAT to your own wallet after payment is processed. It takes minute of my time, really it’s not a problem, you can just cover fees for that transfer(s).

Hi @Guybrush,

We are aware of the matter, Uphold are no longer accepting new customers in Germany since late July, 2021.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for replying. If you are aware of the problem, are there any plans to solve the problem for the users of these countries, for example by adding alternative wallets to brave?

We are aware and are looking into alternatives.

Wrong! I signed up this year~ MAy/June But I couldn’t connect brave successfully until I installed the Beta version today. Now everything works except the “brave wallet” Which I wasn’t using anyway.

UPDATE! It only seemed to work. I still didnt receive my BAT

I find it hard to believe after multiple claims by Brave people they don’t have any plans for adding more options in the foreseeable future.

I cannot even sign up now. Just read the quote I made in the old thread with the official statement. So it might work for you. But it doesn’t work for new customers.

Imo it’s annoying but okay, that the brave team can’t do anything about the uphold and gimini restrictions. They should do something about it but I can understand that it can take some time. However I don’t know, why they just don’t add a sync feature to different installed browsers, so that you don’t lose your virtual BATs, if one device gets lost or (in the more likely case) one device gets replaced by being sold or the reinstallation of an operating system on the PC etc… I mean this problem exists for such a long time for people in some countries and probably stopps many people from switching since the rewards feature is one of the main features of the browser.


Now that Brave has its own In-Browser-Wallet, I see no reason why this wallet cannot be the wallet to send the BAT from the rewards to. That would be the easiest and most convinient way. From the Brave-wallet everybody could send his BATs to wherever he wants.

BAT is on its all time high and my BAT are still only in the browser. This is annoying. There is no way to send to another exchange.

Still no news on wallets for german users?

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You really should try to read things, such as and

There’s plenty of other places where they openly share what’s being worked on. What is most important though is that you try to read more on FAQ and your own Terms of Use for Brave.

For example:

5. Risks Associated with Markets for BAT

BAT are intended to be used solely on the Platform, and Company will not support or otherwise facilitate any secondary trading or external valuation of BAT. This restricts the contemplated avenues for using BAT to obtain Services or access the Platform, and could therefore create illiquidity risk with respect to BAT you hold. Even if secondary trading of BAT is facilitated by third party exchanges, such exchanges may be relatively new and subject to little or no regulatory oversight, making them more susceptible to market-related risks. Furthermore, to the extent that third-parties do ascribe an external exchange value to BAT (e.g., as denominated in a digital or fiat currency), such value may be extremely volatile and diminish to zero.

3.1 Activation

To become a Brave Rewards User, you must activate the Services within your Brave browser, and review and accept these Terms with Company.

When you activate the Services, a BAT user wallet will be created for you in the Brave browser (“User Wallet”) through a third party wallet provider, Uphold, Inc. (“Uphold”). You agree to comply with Uphold’s Terms and Conditions, available at, in connection with your use of the User Wallet. You may be required to complete additional verification steps with Uphold before using certain features of the Services. Company has no responsibility or liability with respect to any disputes or any relations whatsoever between you and Uphold.

BAT are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

TL:DR = They are looking at expanding, but it’s not on them. BAT is meant to use for services with Brave and not intended to be a currency. Any desire or use to have it on places like Uphold, Gemini, or other places is on the user.

I know, you saw it and downloaded, agreeing to terms without reading them. People are always good at doing that. Oh, other thing, might want to check out my big FAQ which explains a bit more about BAT and how it works. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

In particular, you may want to look at Where is my BAT from Brave Rewards kept? and What is BAT? (I actually need to move/copy over some things from Where is BAT kept over to what is BAT?)