Verify your BAT Reward Wallet as a german

Hello Community,

I recently download the brave browser, because I was interested in Brave Reward.
But as a german you cant create an uphold or gemini account to send your BATs to a wallet.

So my question is: Gives it any alternatives for uphold or gemini to get yout BATs?


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No. As a new user from Germany you are sadly not able to send your BATs to anywhere. All you can hope for is that uphold or gemini starts working with germany again or Brave adding a custodian that does. Like Coinbase for example.

Thankfully I adopted Brave quite early and could create an uphold account before they stopped servicing Germany. And they did not close accounts from german users. Sadly new users will not be able to create accounts.

If I were you, I would just keep piling up the BAT in the browser. And eventually at some point there will be options to verify to any custodian in the future. But with this you have a high risk of losing your BAT easily. Like reinstalling of windows, Hard drive failure etc will wipe out your BATs.

Brave is still a great browser.

I am waiting for Coinbase aswell. Since it gives more options and is nicer to use than uphold. Hang in there brother. One day!

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Thanks for your answer. A little bit annoying but I will go on and hope for a feature to transfer BATs.

Is there any place where you can vote for upcoming features or something like that?

You have to check back with Uphold from time to time. I am from Germany as well. But my account has been verified just couple months ago. How recent is your browser download?

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