Verifying impossible with German Adress

I received already rewards via brave browser. But i can t verify, not uphold, not Gemini. They don t verify people from Germany.
Is it possible to receive the BAT rewards to another wallet?
And how will it work?

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Kurz, nein ist nicht möglich.

Deutschland wird momentan weder von Uphold, Gemini noch Brave unterstĂĽtzt.

Wenn du den Browser aufgrund der Funktionen nutzt schalt das Rewardsystem am besten aus. Es bringt dir momentan nichts.

@1914 Currently the connections aren’t possible. Brave is looking into ways to allow people who have existing Uphold accounts to continue using Brave and withdrawing to Uphold, but there’s no guarantees. As of this time you can continue seeing ads and earning BAT, but there’s no supported method to withdraw.

Again, it’s possible if that particular browser had been connected before, that you may be able to link again, but we will have to wait and see if they can get approval. As for when we will find out, there is no answer to that. As for new accounts, it will not be possible.

Also, there is a new custodial partner Brave is working on. Hopefully more details on that will be given in coming months. Since they are not telling us who that custodial partner is, there’s no way to know if it might be one that will support countries like Germany. This means there may yet be hope for that.

Until then, you have the option to continue to opt into Rewards so you can earn, in hopes one day you will link and withdraw (or you can tip it to Creators you like to support). Or, you can do as @Ghosthunter mentioned and leave Rewards off if you prefer not to wait and hope for the best.

Vielen Dank fĂĽr Deine Antwort.
Ich habe Verwandschaft in England. Dort ist die Verifizierung möglich.
Kann ich meine Brave Rewards ĂĽbertragen?
Und wenn ja, dann wie?

Thank you for your answer.
I got relationship in United Kingdom. Verification there is possible.
Is it possible to transfer my brave rewards to my relationship?
And if the answer is yes, then how ?

This might change in the future due to fraud, but for now the answer is as long as they have a fully verified account with Uphold or Gemini, then all you’d do is link to it by clicking Verify and then connecting to the custodial account. Just remember it will have to be an account in a supported region, they would have needed to complete KYC/AML such as providing passport and proof of residence, and all of those little things.

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