Brave Rewards for German Users

I wanted to verify an uphold wallet to transfer my BAT. But I wasn’t able to verify the wallet/sign up for a wallet, because Germany is not supportet by Uphold. This was the official answer on a ticket I opened at uphold:
*"We apologize for the inconvenience but Germany is not a country that uphold supports. *

Firstly, we do hate pulling out of territories and hope to be back soon. However, for now, we are no longer providing our services in your country.

Our decision to stop offering services in your country is so that we can take the time to adequately assess the licensing regulations and requirements imposed by our banking partners. This will allow us to determine whether or not we have the proper programs in place in order to offer our services without any interruptions."

This means there is no possibility for user from Germany to use the BAT they get as rewards. Please set up an alternative wallet provider, who also supports Germany. Otherwise the Brave Rewards would be pointless to german users.


Gemini wallets should be available soon.

hi i got the same problem.
but i got a bitpanda account.
@brave: is it possible to link this wallet?

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No, bitpanda wallets are not even being considered. I recommend you link to a Gemini wallet when they become available, and then you can transfer to your bitpanda wallet from there.

But Gemini won’t help either. The Gemini-Page says:
" Not available yet - Gemini does not currently operate in Germany."

We need a wallet-provider who also supports the german market. I cannot believe that brave does not care about centre europe. There must be something like MetaMask, but with a BAT-support.



I have the same problem with Uphold. I have a Coinbase wallet and it would be great if I could connect it without an intermediate.

Greetings and thanks,

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@steeven @Mattches Please add a wallet that supports Germany.


As this forum is also for service is there any chance of an official response?

Gemini isn’t supported in Germany :rofl:

With uphold i have no issues though.

The same problem i had some days ago. Hope this will be solved in the near future. What happens if i change my phone or laptop. Without any wallet there is no option to save the rewards

if BRAVE is also advertising for Coinbase right now, it would only be fair if you allowed the Coinbase wallet to be connected .

( or Binance Smart / )

Still no news/infos?

The best place to go for information about any additional wallet custodians under consideration is the Brave Github page:

Thanks for the link. But I can’t find any information regarding this topic there. Also I think it is not a technical issue, but a business decision which wallets you want to offer for brave rewards. It is hard to believe that there are no wallets available, which could be integrated into the brave reward system AND are available for german users.

In the next months i get a new smartphone. Without storing my rewards in an external wallet (germany is not supportet by uphold & gemini) what are other options? I want to save my rewards

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Thankfully uphold didnt kick out older accounts from germany and only restricted new accounts being created.
You can only wait. Keep the phone around. So you may link it at some point later to not lose your bats on it.

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Ok so new Brave user here since last week. My rewards don’t go up, even though I have 10 ads per hour set, and I use it daily on my phone and my desktop PC. Still no rewards. Thought, okay it’s a bug. I just verify my wallet or so. Well they only offer uphold and gemini, but the best is yet to come. I can’t register with either of them. What the hheck!?

Anybody got any idea what the problem is?

I feel like an idiot, probably I will go back to Mozilla. -.-

To be fair. That is not braves fault. It is up to uphold and Gemini.
I am in Germany. Both are not available.
But uphold once was. And thankfully they did not kick out their German users that had an account.

Well, it is not about someones “fault”. But the brave rewards program is not very useful to german users at the moment. So it would be wise if brave was looking for a partner who is also operating in germany (and in many other not supported countries).

for new users certainly not. I wouldnt mind coinbase either tbh.