Why Germany is not supported in brave wallet?

Why is not supporting in Germany and from February there is not showing bat for this month

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The rules & regulations in Germany are making it hard to restore the region for support.
Even Uphold has restricted from allowing make new Uphold accounts there.

As for BATs not showing up

without connecting wallet my BAT will note shown from February and I want to connect custodial wallet to brave but regnal support is not available.
Can you explain the changes in sampler word what the changes saying in block.

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They mean, that unless you connect to uphold/gemini, you won’t earn BATs henceforth and it will show up as ‘- -’ in current earnings. As soon as you are able to connect you can start earning and it will show balance. Any BATs in your not connected brave rewards will expire in April. All the ads you see, the proceeds will go to creators.

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This is my problem too. Till 13.02.2023 I was receiving BAT and then suddenly it went to 0. Nothing being shown.
Germany is one of the major crypto markets in Europe. Talk about regulations making it difficult is nonsense. Then everywhere in the EU it should be the same, as EU rules apply for all EU countries.
I hope Brave restores BAT reward services in Germany/EU. Else there is no incentive to use Brave.


doens i collect rewards when i not connected to uphold because of germany limitation?
get only connect window when click on rewards, also cant see old coins it was about 5.0 i think.

is there a tread for uphold germany to get new informations?

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I willy don’t understand why brave block us to connect our wallet to brave it is just a discrimination!!!

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my pronlem is more that brave block to see old and actually coins with the “link account” window.

a win update (KB5022845) crashed my pc into random boot bluescreens (driver_irql portcls.sys / KMOde_exception / critial_service) , also in safe mode and also how ever it can be possible also my 1:1 win11 copy also in same bluesceen. how i should know if my old coins are back after took brave from windows.old or backup if i only can see brave “link account” window?

i got advertising, but cant see if i get rewards for it atm.

i am in germany too - i verified with etoro and etoro money and no problems selling - buying - you just dont want to implement etoro in the brave wallet - this is the only reason why we left out in germany otherwise you would beat edge

any news for germany?

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