Why do not you show me referrals and do not pay me the BAT donated by my friends to my account?

My friends downloaded the brave browser from my link and even donated to my YouTube channel, but the corresponding BAT does not reach my account

In the current release, it takes up to 7-10 days for the tips to appear in your dashboard. It does not update/refresh live. However, we have an update rolling out where it will be nearly instantaneous.

As for referral download numbers, I am checking with the backend publishers team to make sure the download counter is working. It can take up to 1 to 1.5 hours for the referral download counter to refresh from the time that the browser is downloaded and open/used for the first time.

Also, we encourage you to not only tip yourself, but to use the BAT grants to tip other creators and websites that you visit in a natural way. Please note that if you and “your friends” continually tip you and yourself only, you may trigger our anti-fraud filter and your account may be suspended.

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Thank you very much, some BATs were added to my account, but as it does not show the account statements I can not verify it well. I'm very grateful that they finally show up. I hope that this new application arrives so as not to continue bothering them.

The statements are only for when the BAT is transferred to your linked Uphold account. If that has never happened before, then there will be no statements.

You won’t be able to see who tipped you or anything like that, only how much you’ve been tipped. The reason is that it would violate users’ privacy if you could see who in specific tipped you.

The team has also looked into your referral link, and your download counter should be reporting correctly. That is, you have some downloads, but none of them actually resulted in usage. A “download” counts as a download, install and first use.


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