Re: BAT Referrals, and Balance Queries

I need some help in understanding how the rewards actually work, as I cant see my balance increase for some reason, though it shows the number of recent downloads and installations increase in the charts.

Seven things,

  1. There was a increase in the number of downloads and installations in last one day, but no increase in BAT count.

  2. What is the balance that shows at the top (308.56 BAT) and that shows for my site below(282.80 BAT)

  3. The balance on Uphold shows just 43 BAT

  4. How can I transfer the earned BAT to any Exchange or Wallet??

  5. How much time it takes for the referred BAT to show up in my Dashboard??

  6. How the rewards work? Downloads, Install and Confirmed, Can u please explain these?

  7. I want to take this on a bigger scale in promoting BAT through some of my big marketing agencies based in India, can you provide any higher rewards so I can reach out to thousands.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

The counter indicates, so that you can interpret it as a funnel, the number of downloads (someone corrects me, but I think it is the number of clicks on the referral link), the number of actual installations of brave and after a period of use of the user, you get the reward.

To get rewarded for referral link, the user must not only download it, they must use it for 30 days. At that time your reward will be effective.

You can see the * at the end of this link:

** A qualified referral is any user who downloads Brave from your referral page, and proceeds to use the browser for a minimum of 30 days since the browser was first opened.*

I hope I have been helpful if only in part

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Thanks for the input, really appreciate it, So is it a must that the user has to use brave for at least 30 days to get the rewards?

and why my uphold balance shows just 43 BAT, while the dashboard shows 300

and what is the difference in the balance showing in the dashboard, at top and below for my site referral

Hi @cryptotapas - you are paid out on confirmations, which comes from 30 days of continuous use of the browser. We initiated a referral payment on the 8th of every month, which is when the BAT is transferred from your Browser wallet to your Uphold wallet.

The dashboard stats can take up to 48hrs to update, which is likely what you are seeing.

Las estadísticas en la gráfica y el balance de bat ya a tardado mucho en acreditarse tiene desde el 16 de Mayo y todavía sigue ese error. Saludos

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