Didn't get the actual referal bonus from the group confirmed, but got only few BATs or no BATS

I have shared my referal link on many platforms and around at the end of August, my one of referal was verified and shows from group 2 as shown in the screenshot,worth around $6.5 but i didn’t get BAT worth $6.5 instead it shows only 8 BAT pending but i should have get $6.5 worth BAT as my confirmed referal is from group 2 as in the screenshot, but didn’t got any BAT as few BATs were already pending before the confirmation. Also few BATs were already pending so it means i get no BAT for confirmation or few that that i didn’t notice, where i should have get $6.5 worth BAT. Please check and help me.
Also it shows downloads are more than the installed number. But those people installed from my link. Why is installed number less? Will i get bonus if those downloaded number members use for 30 days?
And tip amount on my YouTube is 4.75 BAT as shown on content creator page but it hasn’t transferred to my uphold and only shows on creator page as in screenshot.
Also another question, can’t i receive tipped payment directly to my uphold wallet?

Please clearify my questions and help me with issues i have.
If necessary,My referal links are

Simply saying, referal confirmed from group 2 but reward not credited. And refered to people but only downloaded number increase but not installed, and didn’t received tipped amount on my uphold.

i have same problem…usa 7.5 confirmed but just got 1 doller

Hi @Shresthaanish713 and @monir018 - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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