Not recived Bat from tip

my friends tiping me with bat from brave and why i not recived my tip from my friends?

Because your friend have closed Brave browser to fast

btw , how to see history tip from my subscriber?

you can’t. because it’s anonymous

but i only recived a litle tip from real tip i recived 17 bat for 20 bat tip

I’m having this same problem. I tipped my own youtube account BAT from my brave rewards account. I have the accounts verified, I tipped myself, and in the brave rewards section I show a transaction for the tip that I sent, but my verified uphold account never received anything, and doesn’t show any pending transactions.

I chatted with Uphold support, and they said because I tipped from brave that I need to get support with Brave. Anyone know what happened to the BAT that I tipped my youtube channel?

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