How do I receive the browser's bats to my brave account?



I have many doubts about it, but if you could help me understand them, it would be very helpful.

  • They gave me some BAT, but I have to wait a certain time for them to be transferred to my account?
    -How do I know that I have my BAT in my account through the browser?

Thank you.

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You can see the BAT that’s been donated to you at It takes up to 7-10 days, in the current version, for tips to arrive in your dashboard from the time they were tipped to you via the Brave browser.

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Hello chriscat!, no… look, i have BAT’s in my browser but i dont understand how i transfer that or how i can transfer that to uphold, i dont understand good.

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The BAT inside your browser can be tipped to websites and creators (YouTube or Twitch channels).



thanks i got it!! <3



Lots of scammers are seeing just how “centralized” BAT truly is. Many African typea are crying their hearts out…lol


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